What I’m reading and watching…

In case you’re interested these are the books and videos I’m currently reading/watching at the moment.

The End of Growth – Richard Heinberg – A great comprehensive book that discusses the three big issues facing us and how they’re inter-linked – Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Crisis. Essential reading to get a handle on what’s ahead for us all.

Future Scenarios – David Holmgren – The co-creater of Permaculture discusses his four main visions for the future. A short book, and I’m actually working (though not reading…) backwards having read his most latest works on this topic first. Sobering, though helps to focus the mind. http://holmgren.com.au/crash-demand/

Kevin Anderson – Professor of Climate Change and Energy at Manchester University – I’ve watched two very informative, no-nonsense and stark presentations on climate change. Clear look at the evidence and what we need to do. The Ostrich or The Phoenix and Delivering on 2C: Evolution or Revolution.

The History of Oil – Robert Newman – A funny 45 min show about the history of oil from a British comedian. Very interesting and entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DCwafIntj0

Oh and I’ve just finished the third season of House of Cards too…

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