I don’t know why exactly, but until recently the reality of the climate changes that lie ahead, coupled with the rapid decrease of fossil fuels and economic instability, had bypassed my brain. Don’t get me wrong I knew about these impending situations but the neurones hadn’t linked them together. Reality, however, recently caught up with me, and smacked me in the face. Woh! That’s been a rude awakening!

Like so many in our modern culture I was just getting on with my life, stashing those unwelcome predicaments to the back of my mind, secretly hoping that someone else would sort them for me, so that I could continue doing what wanted to do. And with the tendencies I had to be a ‘champagne socialist’ I would debate and discuss these topics, yet in reality made very little change in my life to help deal with them.

I don’t think that’s an uncommon scenario in the 21st Century. Our culture has primed us to be complacent and ignorant of the realities of our world. We externalise the inconvenient truths of our everyday existence onto others in the world to deal with it for us. After all, we live in the West. The Great Promised Land. The hypocrisy of my previous actions aren’t lost on me. So hopefully when you read this blog you don’t feel the finger pointed at you. This is a blog that aims to mirror back to myself what I did, and am doing in my life, whilst exploring alternatives to the future.

So back to the future. We face incredibly unstable times ahead. We have climate catastrophes, not only waiting for us in the not-so-distant future, but are already a current reality. We have an economic system in complete tatters, locked in an uncontrollable boom and bust cycle, that has gone out of control like a runaway roller-coaster carriage. Sooner or later, there’ll just be bust, without the boom. We have already passed peak oil, and are soon to pass peak coal, peak gas and peak everything else when it comes to fossil fuels. Our energy orgy finally catching up with us, meaning that many of the ‘conveniences’ of living in Western society will become a thing of the past. We have widespread loss of confidence in the political system. People are just fed up of the increasing inequality, and lies that get spun by the people who are supposed to serve us, yet instead serve the corporate and banking elite, literally extracting wealth from the poorest to the richest. I could go on. Population, the food system, eco-system destruction, species extinction, rising sea levels, increasing levels of chronic health conditions, mass migration, the list of the challenges we all face are staggering.

This blog stems from my own thoughts which have been slowly taking shape over the last 6 months. I am no expert. No authority. It’s up to you whether you think my words are any good or not. I am writing more as a reflection for myself than anything else. If you find these words beneficial in any way then I am genuinely honoured and am grateful that you have taken your time to read them. I’m open to discussion and debate, though not abuse and ignorance. It’s my blog, so be nice and act with manners 🙂

Nothing I write will be exhaustive, and will always be biased, after all, I can only write from my own perspective. I will get things wrong, I will change my mind, this writing is far from perfection.

It won’t all be doom and gloom, though I will be highlighting the problems as I see them. I don’t believe we can start envisioning the future or discussing potential solutions without first discussing what isn’t right, right now. Observation and analysis should come first and plenty of it. But of course, I won’t just be saying what (I think) is wrong. There’s too much of that too. It’s important that we also come up with potential alternatives and solutions. We all need a future to believe and hope for. Otherwise why are we going to act? And I don’t believe that future should be one of austerity. I’m not doing all this to ‘save humanity’, I’m doing this because I believe it’s the right thing to do but also because I want to live a better, happier life. I think many of us feel a sense of disillusionment and lack of fulfilment living in this modern, industrialised society.

If any of this interests you then please do read on! Welcome!

If you’re wondering about what and who has influenced my thinking, then google the following; Permaculture, David Holmgren, Stephen Jenkinson, Robert Bly and John Michael Greer. There are many others too, particularly when it comes to the specifics, but these people (and permaculture) have influenced my overall thinking more than most. They tapped into that part of me that knew something wasn’t right, but still wasn’t realising it.


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